Mad in love,I cannot believe
And what you say,cannot be true
For my love for you is so true
Yes God could just make me wait
But never tell me,This is your Fate

I go far just in deed
But I am so helpless indeed
I long for your voice to hear
My thoughts still remain as sweet
That I lost you can never breed

I know now it is there for sure
As without you hours become difficult to go
A wish that there was no such time
Time clocking your absence doesn’t flow

And the linger as ever sustains
Amidst killer feelings
I feel murdered and left to live
And Life persists with its silent laugh

Why wont you show yourself to me
And tell me you are always there
For me this will now not go away
Even if,you tell me you are never there

I love you and will love you more
Even you tell me that all is false
And then I shall cherish my dream
Because I loved you all in pain

Let not my words go in vain
For I shall come back again
Because I will feel so much pain
If you aren’t there again

Save me from all yet to come
Save this love that is washed in rain
Make be believe it will never lose
A true love in pain

Fiction 🙂 As they say in any documentaries :- Resemblance to any characters living or dead is purely coincidental 🙂

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