Little strokes fell great oaks

Little strokes fell great oaks
When continued hiting the spot
with persistence the stroke grows
heavier than the biggest oak.


I was walking down the street
There were people there
Together we moved along
I made my move at Crossroads
Little aware : Who cared
I turned onto Highways
I Made Continue Reading CROSSROADS


Though the ways are hard to read
Much I havent seen
But I have to lead
The ways for castles unseen
Though every step I take
Continue Reading THE PIONEER


Out midst some deeper woods
lay uncertainty and fear
I found more than could bear
Rainy, marsh, chill, bare hood

This time with comfort rare
Is spring board to the Continue Reading Victory

Hell froze

Hell froze, time couldn’t rewind
The night was long, I longed a shine
Few moon light streaks, to find a way
Were ample enough, to reach another day

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