There was a silence
Brewing an heartache
I was running amok untamed
Onto my bound
There was this sweet pain
amidst faint whispers
But I needed a loud shout

I needed to feel it complete
Be At home with a thought
That this chase be over
For Good
Then the evening got late
The songs pitched higher
But I needed a loud shout

The silence that had once been
Mellowed, to a spark of Light
That will cast an ambience
With the Shine divine
It turned to a night
Of tranquility, despite
The Begining of an endless time

Explaining the tht

First para – i am telling of the stage where it is in its infancy,few responses are just faint whispers ,faint whispers will be just the thing at this time, i was running amok untamed onto my bound – love, And I needed a loud shout,faint whispers wont do

Second para – Of the tht that the love grew a response, but so much more is desired – A loud shout, The chase be over , and sees the response with the loudest of the shout

last para – In the hope that all the silence mellows to a light casting an ambience with a divine shine – The love to blossom completely. It is symbolic of both an end and a beginnig, the end as it turns to a night of peace and tranquility, bcos both know that love exists in one another for each other and therefore,both feel so much at peace,and the begiinig of an endless time lasting decades,centuries, a life time or may be life after life

and despite bcos, the journey so long wud have its problems,but then once began with the peace and tranquility with the feel of being in love i guess that will stay forever so the mark of tranquility will sustain despite the endless time over which it has to last

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