He came to this city
A stranger he was
The God Divine said:
Born here , You lay so weak
In the arms of a woman
You lay here so blind
To the world around you.
And too weak
To face life
And a traveller you just are dear
One more amidst all
In this Life boat
But that is not always to be
Of all who went along this way
Some just saw and carefully counted their tread along
Some whose visions saw
The vast countryside fields
Through peepholes
In the high bushes
Lined besides this way
Some who made new roads
who crossed over and walked some distance
Beneath the wide open sky
And there were a few more
Whose vision caught the piercing moonlight
Through the thick overgrowth
That lay all along this path
Some saw a few stars
Some saw Constellations
But still there remain
The unheard echoes
From the heavens high above the fleet
Faint songs that emerge
From the Far Horizon saying
Can You Touch Me
And Man is to strive and to seek
And travel on the roads
which lead to the place
Where the Horizons Meet
(Poem Brief – Man has evolved with time, From a Nomad hunting animals for food we have come to the modern times with so much advancements in all fields. Man has advanced in all fields. How did it become possible. It was because of people who made a difference to the mankind with their vision)
(Stanza 1  brief – When he is born, he is just like any body else. doesnt have skills to face life)
(Stanza 2 brief – “this way” implies the journey of life, Some spent life achieving nothing, “vast country side fields” are the open opportunities. Well life itself  “the high bushes”  or the hardships are all there on the way , but the “peep holes” or the way out to the problems are also there, there were some who could see the vast country side fields through peep holes in the high bushes along this way;- the journey of life)
(Stanza 3 brief – Some made their own ways , they were innovative, they could handle all life that way)
(Stanza 4 brief – The way was all like through a jungle full of an overgrowth and it was all shady,but then there was the shining moon above and streaks of light was spotted by few through the gaps. Some could just see a few stars but yes there were some who could make out constellations ! It is all about the degree of the intellectual vision of all the people who stayed on earth)
(Stanza 5 brief – But For man the unkown always remains – like we do not have a cure for a lot of diseases, we do not know really Know how many things in nature move ,there are still unkown things like life in Mars,so all these are the “unheard echoes” . The faint songs are the challenge for the human to find and seek more and more)
(Stanza 6 brief – The destiny of man is unending as there is no such place where the horizon meets the earth. From the place you stand it appears that the horizons meet the earth and it ends there, when u walk towards it the horizon moves farther away, so mans progress will be unending. he has to continuosly move ahead)

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