(The quest to move towards the horizon, with its deep colors, symbolic of intensity of love, is there. The closer you get to the horizon, the intensity increases. In this journey towards the horizon, you just long to travel to more intensity, i.e the place where the horizons meet, which will never come, as does true love that has no measure to it)
It blossoms as the crimson

The blues of my sky disappear
When this sun dawns the Horizon
This heart knows no fear
Abundant crimson I do behold
Moving ahead, my goal in sight
Destined to the Horizon, As I close
Dream a play in the intense light
Sweet love does get brighter
Rejoiced as I move closer
It’s a quest to feel it all, forever
But, the horizons move farther
A life did two souls grace
On a journey of love, once you meet
Travelling roads to the place
Where the Horizons meet!


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