Behold her,
Single in the field
That solitary highland lass
Stop Here or Gently pass
Alone she cuts and binds the grain
And Sings a melancholy Strain
(Above lines are from Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth,I remembered of this poem,admired it,and set out writing in continuation to it…)

If the woods where the grass is high,
Cast their sounds serene
She Mellows the winds with her gentle steps
And paves a way on the green

And when the day does stall,
And its almost dark,
She lights a candle in the hall
And blessed is the GOD

If I were more to say
I would rather tell this storm
To Dance to the tune of steps
Make merry to be for long !

Explanation – paras 1 and 2 are a state of appreciation of her, para 3 is about the inspiration his love creates… para 4 is about what the lover can give her, everything.

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