This is a scriible without a rhyme …
here goes … Love is …

(About Love is… as he perceives)

Love… is
Love is when I held the hand
And didn’t know why the grip got tight
Love… is
When I saw in her eyes
And just an eternal silence prevailed
Love… is
When the heart leaped to say
How much I care, and nothing was said
When I observe you so close
At how u live the day, feel happy doing so
And I don’t tell you about it
When your closeness brings tears
And the reason is not known
Love is feeling that I have so much to say
And still I can’t utter a word
Seeing deep in your eyes asking
Do u understand?
Do u feel the same?
Love… is
Holding your hand and walking along
And a stealing gaze to the right
Trying to see your eyes
Love… is
When it feels that you have the world
At your feet
When I am with you
Love… is
When the eyes opened in the morning
And saw you besides me
And a prayer took shape saying:
Let this forever be
Love… is
When I opened my eyes, you were still in sleep
And I just keep adoring you
And a kiss you never will know happened
And I don’t want you to know it did !
Love… is
When I hold u tight, and you don’t expect
And it is a surprise, why I am doing so
How could I tell u why?
Love… is
Asking you to rip it open
And see what’s inside this heart
Asking you: can u see?
All that it feels!
Love… is
When the time does come!
In her eyes you look and plead
Have to go now
Love… is
You understand the bruises it brings
Want to leave your heart with her to live
Knowing you have nothing to give
Still ask for a promise to live
Love is…

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