(It’s a poetry on the events that occurred when TITANIC sank.Enjoy this love poem. It is based on the sequence of love that blossomed on the ship in the movie TITANIC)

The Giant leaped with a roar

The boy had just made home

Little he had known

The Sirens of Love had blown.

And She was already there

As, it were to blossom here

The Ship was just a place

Chosen for them by fate.

And when it began here

The Heavens stood up in stare

The vice did raise a brow

On this maiden flight at the bow

He who said he loved me lot

Waited,but till the last boat !

Was It this way to be?

When for thy life you flee.

She who stayed till the end

Held a hand when it did descend

He who found the chill so Sun

When the wood had place just for one !

He who asked for a  promise to live

When that is all , knew he could give !

He who sunk in fathoms of love

Still in fear that will she live?

Thats the way Its ever been

So, sure the boat had to be seen

Saying “Anyone Around ?”

Her voice so weak, the whistle must be found.

It was to to be heard,though faint a sound

For it with ‘promises of Love’ abounds

The boat must turn,and she be home

To live the ‘promises of love’ alone?

(There are two lines in emphasis –  When that is all he knew could give ! and Still in fear that will she live? As first he knew that he for sure will not survive,and hence asks the promise,and its at this time,he is so selfless that he thought would the wood be strong enough to hold her till help arrived,and being in love he was apprehensive of that till his last. )

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