(Following Beaten Tracks, may not always lead to the place  you wanted to go)

Lost in the jungle wild
Stare of tall trees won’t guide
It must be a day so bright
But, I knew not where the lights hide
Can’t hear this silence offer clue
For the road where this wild ends

I reached here like all who do
All whom destiny sends
One step, then next, I’ve moved along
But ahead, I do not tread
Though been walking long
Still lie submerged in this spread

I come across a beaten track
Echoing sounds of footsteps been
Taking home many a soul
For now, a belief, unseen

Beaten tracks that once made home
May with time grow bare
Once ending on a highway road
Untravelled, obliterated, end nowhere
My search, hence, lingers on
A tiring chase will move on
Beaten tracks will not always do
The roads I make will take me through.

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