Oh mother,

It’s of Life

I see me in your laps again

Saying this bountiful lore

Back to you after times

I stepped into this world

As humble as you taught

And, I watched my tread

With the wisdom you gave

I went through life

Amidst bitter songs

But I always spread

The sweetness of your love

There came a time,

Difficult to bear

When I moved alone

Saw you nowhere

And then I dreamt

There was an emerald of eternal peace

In a distant land

The touch of whom

Would bring solace to the soul

Oh mother,

I seek this emerald

The intense of green

That would be for life

Uncover the hidden folds

Of suspect and disbelief

That keep it away

Shielded in illusion.

It is for once in life that

The child seeks an emerald !

Explanations –

a child again after a lifetime,telling back the childhood lores to his mother – mother and child is symbolic of a feeling of love,emeralds are green symbolic of growth prosperity and happiness,the touch of the emerald could bring an eternal peace, its an expression of the depth of his love – what the touch of the emerald could do,illusion is created by the hidden folds of suspect and disbelief,leads to inaction to may be reciprocate love,a child seeks the beloved emerald – child carries the thought because it is symbolic that the child has true feelings away from all the rest of the world which may not have it so true, and a longing for his love that he wants to uncover the hidden folds causing an illusion in his love, The Emerald is his love.

And last 2 lines important – And he becomes a child like this once in life and seeks the emerald once in his life

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