I have been through a lifetime here,
A silent discovery of this mould,
All the way that it had to bear
Brought realizations towards a Virgin Soul

The Longings so deep to hold her hand
Out amidst the orange green
Or just feel that eternal bliss
At her  Kisses that would have ever been

Or sometimes the morning chill was a dew
And the warm embraces that made brittle
Were there even just a few ?
To quench my longings just a little !

When were the sirens of my beats so strong ?
Lest I ain’t call it a Virgin Soul
When all the While it Longed to be home
Through the Tiring Chase of This Virgin Soul…


  1. Thanks a lot…

    Sometimes when i look at what was written I do tell the same to myself…applaud myself…for these compositions are not perennial 🙂 Thanks.

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