Your Mind Is Beautiful

Rising early, you can listen
sounds of birds already awake
Talk of flying for a dough search
And if you just could listen dear
Your mind is beautiful already

farmers awake to protect the crop
from the prying eyes of those birds
Early morning rise towards their fields
If you could feel, they, but money give you bread
Your mind is beautiful

The world moving out at 7am
To make to the clock striking 9
On buses, trams, trains, and
On foot and the Mercedes Benz
If you could just visualize all
Your mind is beautiful

And in the day,
millionaires selling a million stake
And a fisherman selling his lot of fish
Both a wholesale deal, of different measure
That the feel of satisfaction is just the same
Realize that?
You are a beautiful mind

And when the evening melts
This guy takes a stock
Of the Money he has to buy the bread
And this guy takes stock, Of the
Million dollar jargon Wedding Night
Both are homo sapiens
If you still can see both, just not one
You are a beautiful mind

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